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Ararat Business Services was founded by Deryl Pendleton who is  the Owner and CEO of the company. We look to help individuals and companies further their development and growth by saving money and increasing productivity. We offer services in Financial services   such as insurance , funeral expenses, legal services and notary services. We are ever expanding and looking for ways to serve you better.

If you have been denied coverage on life insurance, had friends or family pass away without coverage for funeral expenses, needed a lawyer and couldn't get the help you  need we can help. You may just need some fair prices on life insurance without becoming the victim to an overbearing salesperson. Get free quotes with no hassle and fill out the application yourself!

Check out the links below and see if we are a good fit for you! Also you  can call anytime and get a quick response if needed!


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At some time we  all need a lawyer or legal services but we don't call because we feel we can't afford it. For a fair price you  can  talk to a lawyer anytime and get referred to the law services you need.

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Are you interested in getting quotes for Health insurance? The best prices are here. Great payouts and benefits you can use.

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 The goal is to make your money work for you, not you work for your money. Let me help your make money in your sleep (no monthly fees, nothing to sell or buy)
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If you need money for your business and a loan would help...We can help !!! We can get you approved fast when the banks have turned you down!

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Save money like never before on prescriptions!!


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  • Notary Services
  • Funeral Assistance Plan 
  • Residual income
  • Overrides
  • Unlimited growth
  • Work from anywhere in the USA 
  • Professional licensed opportunity
  • Legal Coverage
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Pre Need funeral coverage

And much more..